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Trus-Way Roof Trusses - Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Northern California

Trus-way, Inc. — "The Builder's Choice"

Trus-Way, Inc. manufactures the finest quality custom roof trusses for the home construction industry. We are “the builder’s choice.”

We begin with the best raw materials, working only with lumber mills that consistently meet our high quality standards. The equipment in each of our production plants is state-of-the-art, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the truss construction process. And we have experience on our side. Many of our team members have worked with the company or in the industry for 10 to 30+ years. 

- Why buy manufactured roof trusses?
- Why buy manufactured roof trusses from Trus-Way?
- Could you be a Trus-Way customer?

Roof Trusses Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Northern California
Trus-Way Roof Trusses - The Builder's Choice

Trus-Way, Inc. field measures most jobs before design work ever begins in order to ensure an accurate fit.

Our two plants in the Pacific Northwest serve Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Northern California.

We work with home builders and homeowners to deliver high-quality roof trusses built to last.