Our Process

Field Measure | Trus-wayOverview
Trus-Way manufactures all shapes, sizes and types of wooden roof trusses for all types of structures. Each truss is custom designed, and manufactured by a professionally-controlled process to achieve maximum accuracy and structural integrity.

Plan Review
The process begins by conducting a detailed plan review with our customer to make certain that everyone understands exactly what the job entails.

Design and Engineering
Our team of design experts then concentrates on generating an optimized truss layout, complete with sealed (engineered) drawings for every truss on the project. A “bid” or cost for the truss package is also generated at this point.

Field Measure
Once a bid becomes a job, a delivery date is established and a Trus-Way team member will make a trip to the jobsite to verify all critical dimensions. This ensures that our products fit exactly as they should.

Material Sourcing and Manufacturing
Trus-Way utilizes only the best raw materials, sourced exclusively from mills that meet our stringent quality standards.

Delivery | Trus-wayOur factories are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. Quality of product and the safety of our team members are emphasized during every phase of the production process. Each station in our manufacturing process has its own quality control criteria. In addition, random inspections occur each week at our plants. Trus-Way also hosts quarterly inspections by an independent third party auditor.

Once a job is completed and ready to be delivered, it is loaded onto specially designed trailers which are pulled by semi-tractors equipped with heavy-duty cranes. Our fleet of delivery trucks is meticulously maintained, and all of our drivers are licensed and certified crane operators.

Your trusses will be delivered safely to your “plate-line”, ready to be installed by your framing contractor. We pride ourselves on delivering your truss packages on time, every time!

Customer Satisfaction
We place tremendous value on relationships with our customers, and do everything in our power to make certain that complete satisfaction is achieved on every job we do. Our ultimate goal is to become a permanent and trusted member of your building team.